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Lifestyle : Quality Control

At Cooper Homes, our goal is to create custom-crafted homes to the highest possible standards.  Your home is the largest, hand-crafted object that you will ever own.  That's why it's so important to have it built under the watchful eye of experienced craftsmen.

To smooth the construction process, Cooper Homes has several check-points where future homeowners can become aquainted with the house:

  • Pre-framing
  • Pre-sheetrock
  • Homeowner Orientation

We also provide a one year builder's warranty through the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association.  The "Homeowner Handbook" provides homeowners with lots of helpful hints about new home maintenance and care, including check-lists and maintenance schedules for each season.  The book also clearly defines builder responsibilities during the warranty period.  For the past 24 years, Cooper Homes has been constructing quality homes, and standing behind those homes to ensure that they are problem free and that the owner is satisfied and happy.  Let us help you turn your dreams into solid, well-built realities.



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